Results of the Fall 2019 #TextbookBroke Campaign

Posted on Friday, October 4, 2019

The Fall 2019 #TextbookBroke campaign ran September 23-27 in four University of Ottawa library locations: MRT, RGN, FTX, and CRX (floors 2 and 5). We collected 333 notes in total; 293 indicated the amount of money students spent on their textbooks this term and 143 allowed us to read insightful – and often colourful – comments.

The surveyed students spent an average of $325.62 this term for their course materials. Multiple comments mentioned that prohibitive textbook prices led students to skip out on buying some or all required textbooks, or to resort to piracy as an alternative.

We invite you to find more information on the infographics below!

Fall 2019 #TextbookBroke Results


Fall 2019 #TextbookBroke Comments


We wish to thank all the students who took the time to participate and to everyone who spread the word about our initiative!

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