Using copyright-protected materials in the physical classroom

There is a wide range of material that you may provide to your students in person in the physical classroom. You are encouraged to make use of materials not protected by copyright (see Alternatives to copyright), materials available under Creative Commons and open access licences, and your own unpublished materials, for which you do not require any permissions. Alternatively, you should make use of any applicable Exceptions to copyright.

Note: if you are unsure as to what you are permitted to do with a work, remember that emailing your students a link, which directs them to the material in question, is always permitted! For more information on creating persistent links, see Linking to full-text articles and e-books.

For dealings that extend beyond the Exceptions to copyright, take the following steps to obtain permission for use:



Collect all sources requiring clearance.


Make sure only to consider materials which are likely protected by copyright and not available under open access – see Alternatives to copyright and Creative Commons and open access.


For any materials obtained in electronic format from the Library catalogue, check to ensure that the University’s licence does not prohibit the intended use – see Using electronic resources.


Fill out the Copyright Materials Log [PDF, 634.5KB]


Submit the filled-out Copyright Materials Log to the Copyright Office [contact information below], along with the materials in an appropriate format (print, pdf, email, link). Where possible, you may submit these by e-mail to or Dropbox.


Once approved you may use your materials in the classroom.


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