Using electronic resources

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Electronic resources are generally licensed by the University of Ottawa Library. Many publishers allow redistribution through a persistent or stable link – see Linking to full-text articles and e-books. Occasionally the licence terms allow you to post a PDF article or book section to a learning management system (such as Virtual Campus), or to print it for use in class or in a course pack.

It is important that you verify the uses permitted under the University’s licence, before you do so – for e-journals and e-books, see Licence lookup tutorial. You should also make sure to familiarize yourself with the Conditions of use for electronic resources.  

Common formats used for teaching purposes are:

  1. Journal Articles – A-Z list of available e-journals here
  2. E-books – make sure to check the maximum number of concurrent users, since books with limited access are not appropriate for teaching purposes
  3. Images – for more information regarding use of images found in University electronic resources, review the Media Library's image guide or contact a media librarian. 
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Should you have any questions concerning the use of electronic resources, please contact

For concerns related to copyright, contact the Copyright Office.

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